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Payoff Strategy Plan

Ask yourself this question…What is the biggest investment of your life?


Most people answer their home, but actually it’s your mortgage!


We’re sure you remember all of the forms that you had to sign when you were applying for a mortgage. One of those forms would have been a loan disclosure form that actually detailed what you would REALLY be paying for the privilege of borrowing money. For most people, this amount is almost 2 times the amount you originally borrowed. Remember how you felt when you realized what a financial commitment that was? Is there a way to reduce the interest and the number of payments you will make? You betcha!


Mortgage interest is based on compound interest. This interest is calculated on a daily principal balance. If you reduce the principal balance more quickly, you pay less interest and reduce the amount of monthly payments. What can you do to improve your situation? The Preferred Biweekly Payment Program℠ is the answer! The Preferred Biweekly Program℠ will make a huge difference in the total amount you will pay on your mortgage by simply changing the way you make your monthly payment. If your mortgage payment is $900 once a month, simply pay $450 every two weeks (plus any additional amount of principal you may wish to add). By doing this simple thing, you can save tens of thousands of interest and years of payments. And the program is not only for mortgages. It can be used for any kind of loan: auto, commercial, RV, student, etc.


The sooner you enroll, the sooner you start saving money. Call us for details today!

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About C & E Insurance and Financial Services

Jon Christiana and Crystal Ellis founded C & E Financial Services and have been in the insurance industry since 1988. As an independent insurance agency, their team goal, then and now, is to evaluate your specific needs, to focus on personalized service, and to find the right insurance company that will give you the best value for your dollar. The first office location was on Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown next to the famous Haussner’s Restaurant. The office relocated to Merritt Blvd in Dundalk in 1996, and to accommodate further growth and expansion, the office moved to its present location at 7324 Holabird Avenue in 2006.

Providing insurance in Maryland and surrounding states, C & E’s knowledgeable and professional staff has decades of experience. C & E’s agents are able to offer affordable rates because of our agency’s long relationship with multiple leading companies. We represent only those companies with superior products, excellent customer service, financial strength, and reputations for fast, fair claims service. Customer service, no matter how routine or complex, is always the top priority. C & E is a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Maryland and Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agents network.

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7324 Holabird Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21222
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Mailing Address
7324 Holabird Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21222

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Ph: 410.282.4416

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